Train for the unique athletics of your life

Life is an athletic endeavor. Whether you are carrying groceries from your car to your kitchen or summiting Mount Rainier, there is not a human being on the planet that does not participate in the athleticism of life every day. Moms overhead press, deadlift, and squat all day without picking up a barbell or leaving the house. Firefighters run sprints in 45 lbs of gear. Deskworkers fight to maintain spinal integrity against the force of gravity. Strength and mobility training support the movements of daily life because they are the fundamental movements of the your body. Athletic training isn’t just for people who play sports or want to compete in an event.

You must train for the unique athletics of your life. The strength and range of motion, the power you build in training extends to every task, every day. Pain and weakness are not the inevitabilities of age. They are the result of the specific events of your history. Like any undesirable reality, they can be changed with the right actions. We’ve seen it all. A woman who couldn’t open the door to her office because she had lingering weakness from an old shoulder injury. A SPEC-OPS hopeful struggling through BUDS with chronic spine injuries. A retired teacher wanting to keep herself vibrant as she ages. 

If you aren’t training for LIFE, you are suffering through it.

The LIFE principle is a feedback loop. Each component is dependent on the other. Life is Longevity, Illness Prevention, Fitness, and Excellence. 

Longevity is the simple length of your life. Purely striving for longevity may not give you the quality of time you’d like to have. Healthy longevity requires Illness prevention. 

Preventing illness is a multi-tiered effort. It is everything from washing your hands to identifying problematic communication from the body. Athletic training is an important component of illness prevention. When the body is strong, mobile, well-fed and hydrated it is more capable of keeping itself well. 

Fitness is your ability to go through your day with ease. Your level of fitness is answered by the question, “Can I go through my day with optimal performance of the tasks at hand and management of disease, fatigue and stress?” 

All of which require a commitment to Excellence. Excellence requires that you continue to make effort. 

When you realize that you are an athlete no matter the events of your life and you embrace the LIFE principle you take the necessary steps to keep yourself at the top of your game. 

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