Innovative training philosophies that should be standard

You have a unique physiology that must be taken into account

You are working with a training professional because you want the best results. You need to work with someone who will identify the most efficient and effective methods to help you achieve the best results. Objective assessments of power, speed, range of motion, personalized evaluations of sport/activity, injury history, training experience, goals, sleep quality, hydration, nutrition, and ongoing monitoring provide valuable insights into your unique physiological characteristics. Your body composition, metabolic rate, biomechanics, existing and historic medical pathology impact the programming choices that will allow you to reach optimal performance and enhance your overall well-being. This is an innovative training philosophy simply because it is often given minimal attention.

Training and therapy are two sides of the same coin

Sports performance training is not only a means to improve performance but also as a valuable tool for rehabilitation. You may encounter setbacks, injuries, limitations that require specialized attention and support, but you don’t want to “just rest”. You enjoy training, life isn’t the same when you’re sitting on the couch. Integrating performance training principles with rehabilitation techniques bridges the gap between these two domains. This comprehensive approach to fitness and therapy is proven to heal the body more effectively. This is only one side of the coin. The other side is injury prevention. You are less likely to get injured with regular injury screens, an emphasis on proper movement mechanics, intelligent programming, and targeted exercises that address performance gaps and leaks. This innovative approach will allow you to optimize your performance potential while addressing any rehabilitative needs. This is an innovative training philosophy because it requires more education and more experience than treating training and therapy as separate entities.

Boring isn’t inspiring

Your tribe affects your vibe. The people around you impact your training outcomes. Training in a community of people who are focused, inspired, and dedicated will push you in ways that training in a community of people who are only moderately committed never will. Imagine training or getting therapy in a quiet room with beige walls, no one recognizes each other or talks, it doesn’t seem like anyone is really pushing themselves all that hard. Now imagine a facility that’s bumping music, looks dope, everyone there is working at max potential, hyping each other up, talking about what’s next. Which would give you more energy? Which would pump you up for your next goal? Which makes you want to get off the couch right now? This may not seem like such an innovative training philosophy but it takes tremendous effort for a team to maintain this energy every day for everyone who walks in the door.

You can’t fake the right mindset

True performance goes beyond physical abilities. Character development is essential to unlock your full potential. Discipline, determination, resilience, and mental fortitude play pivotal roles in achieving success. The best training programs enhance your physical qualities and cultivate essential character qualities. Structured challenges, mindset training, and guidance from experienced professionals help you develop the mental and emotional resilience needed to overcome obstacles, stay focused, and achieve your goals. Fostering character development alongside physical performance leads to holistic growth and long-lasting success.

The basics aren’t for beginners

You must have a solid foundation of the basics of training before venturing into advanced training principles. Mastery of fundamental movement patterns and techniques, having foundational strength and range of motion is crucial for long-term success and injury prevention. By revisiting and refining these basics you establish proper movement mechanics, postural alignment, and neuromuscular control. Only when these foundations are solid can you safely and effectively progress to more advanced training techniques and challenges. If you embrace this approach, you will make significant strides in your performance while minimizing your risk of injury.

Information is only as useful as its application

If your trainer or therapist isn’t keeping up with the latest exercise science, sports performance, and rehabilitation research you aren’t getting the best possible outcomes. You want a team of experts who are actively reviewing and incorporating the most relevant and reliable evidence informed protocols. This way you benefit from the most current evidenced based techniques.

You are an athlete

Everyone is an athlete because life is athletic. The essential compound movements mimic the way we move in daily life. The athlete mindset requires that you aspire to achieve your personal best, embrace a mindset of continuous improvement, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. You don’t need to train for the Olympics but you do need to train for your Olympics. If you don’t you will experience the pains and frustrations of aging and injury that are largely preventable. With the right mindset, the right training programs and great coaching you will unlock your unique potential, enhance your experience of life, and help you redefine what it means to truly live. This may be the most difficult innovative training philosophy for you to embrace. It may be difficult to see yourself as an athlete. The more you can take a step back and look at the demands of your life on your body the easier it will be to realize the importance of training for them.

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