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Nutrient Timing

Nutrient timing, strategic meal timing around training and competition, adds another level of precision to your training. Nutrient timing requires planning and testing whole or enriched foods and supplements around activity or competitions to dial in what benefits you. You need to establish how much of which macronutrients are consumed… Read More

How does periodization improve performance? 

In-season training is incredibly important to the health, longevity, and power of an athlete. Many youth athletes eliminate strength training when the competitive season approaches. Some feel stressed for time, others’ motivation has shifted to competition, and many aren’t sure how to time training and rest.  The time high school… Read More

Sleep Quality Impacts Performance

If you aren’t getting enough quality sleep you are at risk for future injuries. Insufficient sleep impairs your muscular strength, cognitive functions, and other aspects of physical performance. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and NCAA both identify sleep as a major contributor to athletic performance and advocate the importance of… Read More

Youth Soccer Injury Risks

Your child’s safety is paramount. As a parent, you want your child to enjoy playing soccer without the setback and pain of injuries. You may ask yourself, what are the risks? How concerned should I be? Do I need to enforce injury prevention training for my athlete? We’ve reviewed data… Read More

Hydrate for Optimal Performance

Hydration requires your full attention and commitment. As an athlete you are constantly pushing your body to the limit to maintain peak performance. Water is called the elixir of life for a reason, it plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining your overall health. Hydration, or the process of fueling your… Read More